Scottish Ambulance Service "PRgloo is a fantastic piece of kit"

Scottish Ambulance Service "PRgloo is a fantastic piece of kit": ScottishAmbulanceQuote

Director of Corporate Communications Mark Hannan says "Prgloo is a fantastic tool for communications professionals"

What do you like best? 

"PRgloo is a fantastic piece of kit. It is easy to use, intuitive, ensures your content look great and just makes your life easier. Uploading and distributing news releases is so easy and l love the fact it automatically uploads the release to your website without you having to do this separately.

"A favourite feature is issuing media statements - the ability to have a searchable library of previously issued statements, with latest cleared versions, is so handy and saves you searching through email inboxes. The stakeholder newsletter feature has also been really a valuable addition to our content creation options. Great stuff. "

What could we do better?

"Nothing so far. One good tool to have would be if you could analyse data on the most common subjects asked by the media (but maybe this is already possible and we haven't learned how to yet!)." 

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