Monday 21 Jan 2019

You've Been Upgraded

You've Been Upgraded: welcome

After 10 hours of deployment this Saturday (with only 5 mins customer disruption) your PRgloo platform now has over 80 new enhancements nestling away waiting for you to discover them. 


Lovely formatting

We've increased the fun you can have with your press release formatting within PRgloo. You can now choose header sizes, block quotes and you can even embed tweets to make your communication exactly how you want it to be. Watch a quick video here or join us at our Wednesday training sessions to find out more. 

Much nicer looking emails 

Your standard email template has now been improved. Images embedded within your release will now appear with a 'download' button to make it clearer to journalists that there's a high resolution image included in the communication. We've also improved the general style and placement of your email elements making the whole thing cleaner and more engaging. We've added support for multiple contacts and the ability for you to control your own boilerplates and email footers. 

Customise it! 

Behind the scenes, we've created a tool to allow us to tailor your emails at the touch of a button. If you'd like to change the colours, headers, order of elements or anything else - please get in contact today. We can work with you to create any number of templates to suit your needs. You can even have 'Outlook Style' emails (for those who want releases to look like they have come from their own email accounts) and on the other side of the spectrum a more marketing style email with downloadable assets switched off. Please give us a call to discuss.

Journalist Contacts - we've impressed ourselves

Take a look at Gloo Influencers when you have a moment, or give us a call to have one of the team talk you through this. There are so many things you can now do within this feature and the data keeps growing and growing. We've been picking up customers left right and centre based on the usability of this section and it's only going to get better with our Q1 planned enhancements. 

Due to our integration with LexisNexis you can now also search for people who have recently written about key things such as "People's Vote" or even mentions of your company name. These can be added to Smart Groups which will then auto update on a daily basis so that you always have the most relevant and up to date contacts. We'll be doing a video about this soon so watch this space.   

Other cool upgrades

  • Personalise the statements you send out 
  • Duplicate conversations and press releases from the list view 
  • Bulk edit conversations and influencers 
  • Add much more information to topics when you create them from a conversation, bid etc 
  • See the interviewee on the list view of bids
  • Have a clearer view of important activity on the PR Planner 
  • If you resend a press release, it will keep the date of the original release (so as not to scare journos)
  • You'll no longer get the annoying "untitled" tag on conversations if you don't have a title 
  • You'll be able to copy topic notes right from the list view and statements from the topic detail page
  • You'll be able to sort influencer groups by name or update date 

Coming Soon to a Gloo Near You

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We've always tracked what was going on and who's done what within PRgloo but we're currently working on making this available to you in a searchable Gloo History section. 

Social Media Campaigns

This module will enable you to schedule social media posts and report over their impact. We're really excited about getting this one up and running as soon as possible so watch this space for updates on our progress and if you'd like to be on our list of beta customers, please do get in touch

Newsroom & Email Analytics 

We're working hard to improve our newsroom and email analytics and we've kicked off a project to ensure that you can easily see at a glance read rates, visits and download levels for all of the content you've slaved over. 

Customer Enhancements

We listen to all feedback from our customers and try and schedule these into our regular deployments. We may not be able to deal with all of them every time, but please do keep them coming. We want to make sure that the product works for you and makes your lives as easy as possible and we're grateful for every single piece of feedback. 


welcome (1)
welcome (1)