Tuesday 9 Apr 2019

Saturday 13th April: PRgloo April Enhancements and Downtime

Saturday 13th April: PRgloo April Enhancements and Downtime: post office mynewsdesk newsroom mockup

On Saturday 13th April, PRgloo will be undertaking some essential maintenance and deploying some new sparkly features to the platform, which will result in some downtime between 6am - 8am BST.

We've been busier than Bercow making sure these new set of features get rolled out.  And yes the irony of us delivering what the people (our customers) want the day after the UK is supposed to... well.. we'll leave it there. Here's what you will find in your platform from 13th April. 


You can now power multiple newsrooms from PRgloo to support multiple brands, campaigns, regions or whatever you need. Each comes with its own branding, sections, email templates and resource library. If you don't have one of our newsrooms yet, why not? Our templates only take a day to deliver. Here are some examples of our bespoke newsrooms Mitie, Network Rail, Saga, Vision Express, Siemens and some of our templates Islington Council, GoCompare and Scottish Ambulance


By popular demand, you can now create charts which can be filtered by theme and broken down by topic. More reporting enhancements coming soon. 


  • You can now 'own' a contact within the platform and then search for all of your contacts or those belonging to a team member.
  • You can now see all the people associated to a particular organisation and then filter them by subject, what they have written about etc.
  • Our GlooContacts database now stands at over 70,000 UK, Irish and international organisations and contacts. If you're not using this or our auto-updating smart groups why not?

Content Hub

  • We've made document attachments look much nicer, upgraded the tools around table management and made it easier to resize embedded images by simply dragging the edges.
  • Next month we'll be adding in the ability for you wrap text around images, insert section dividers in your emails and add call to action buttons.
  • We've separated out your public resources from your internal ones which are now stored in the Response Desk in a section called file attachments

Conversation Logger & Alerts

Based on your feedback we've improved the conversation alerting and logging tools. We hope that emailing conversations@prgloo.com  is now even simpler.


You can now create a statement directly from a note added to a topic which should really help with forecast / detailed topic reports.