Tuesday 19 Feb 2019

There's a Beautiful Gloo Newsroom Waiting for you

There's a Beautiful Gloo Newsroom Waiting for you: 5DayNewsroom

Whether you communicate about healthcare or home improvements , your newsroom is the visual centrepiece of your communications strategy. It's there day in day out projecting your corporate image and the face of your communications department. The question is - do you like the face it's presenting? With PRgloo you could have a responsive, hard working, beautiful site in as little as 5 days. 

PRgloo Newsrooms - Fast, Reliable, Responsive & Beautiful 

  • Fast opt for a Template Newsroom and you'll have your site designed, built and populated with data in just 5 days
  • Reliable we don't have a 97% customer retention rate for nothing
  • Responsive designed to work on all devices 
  • Beautiful let your images and content do the talking with our elegant designs 

Choose Your Newsroom

PRgloo's Template Newsrooms allow you a great deal of flexibility at a very low cost and quick turn around. Include your logos, brand colours, whatever sections you like plus customisable headers and footers. Here are some examples of customers who have opted for this great value and great looking newsroom.

PRgloo's Bespoke newsrooms allow you full freedom to truly integrate with your corporate site with the lightest of light IT touches. We simply design your newsroom to look like another page of your corporate website so that to the outside world, it looks completely seamless. All your IT team need to do is change a few links. Here are some examples of customers who have opted for this.

Costs? Time? Not as much as you think...

Snap up a template Newsroom for £4,500 pa and have your site up and running in 5 days. 

Find out more? 

Give us a call today. We'll discuss your requirements and then send you a full proposal with designs.