Friday 29 Mar 2019

PRgloo providing solutions for businesses of all sizes

We understand at PRgloo that one size doesn’t always fit all. That’s why we give you tools to tailor the platform to meet your specific business needs.  

Case study: Mitie 

The problem: Mitie as a group covers seven or eight large different business areas from security to professional services to engineering to waste management. The press office runs very much like an agency model, with multiple different stakeholders they need to juggle. At Mitie, everything was done on a series of Excel spreadsheets with no integrated call logging system. Mitie wanted to create a best in class press office using the best services and products to make their press officers lives easier and to help them work smarter.   

The solution: After reviewing four or five systems Mitie agreed that PRgloo was the best solution for their needs. Mitie uses PRgloo to track the life cycle of press releases - the creation of distribution lists, dissemination of releases, tracking open rates, putting it on their website, logging journalists calls, requests for imagery, capturing coverage and creating evaluation reports.  

Due to the nature of Mitie’s multiple business model, PRgloo allows the use of tags, so Mitie can create PR activity reports and evaluation for specific business areas or run reports across the entire group.  

Mitie also opted for a bespoke newsroom hosted on their website, which PRgloo built and delivered with two weeks (including all of their historic press releases).  

The outcome:  

Claire Lovegrove, head of media relations at Mitie said:  

“I’ve worked with so many different systems in the past and I wish I’d known about PRgloo earlier because it makes life as a PR so much easier. The system is really easy to use and the beauty of it is that everything is in one place.  We know exactly who is talking or saying what at any one given time, we can also feed our press cuttings back through so, for example, if I’m going out to meet a journalist tomorrow, I can click on their name in PRgloo and see everything that we’ve sent them or talked to them about, what they’ve opened from us, what their interested in from us.   

“With PRgloo we can all be active on the system in one go, we can all input our own activity and we can do it in real time. I can go into the system now and see exactly what my team are working on or who they are responding to. Everything is captured in one very easy to use space.  

“If you have a single client or multiple clients you can make PRgloo work for you.”