Tuesday 19 Sep 2017

PRgloo Launches Newsletter Feature to Highlight Comms Value

PRgloo Launches Newsletter Feature to Highlight Comms Value: make-life-easier

This week PRgloo launched a new tool to help communicators strut their stuff internally and to really highlight to the organisation as a whole the hard work that you do daily to get the company's key messages across. 

If you now visit the Newsletter section of your platform, you'll see a new option on the toolbar which will allow you to embed press releases and coverage into your email and create a really engaging internal communication which you can then share with your key stakeholders. 

PRgloo Newsletter
PRgloo Newsletter

If you need any help with getting to grips with this feature (or any other), just give us a call and we'll be happy to help. 

Coming Soon...

Work now begins on the following great features which we hope to launch this side of Christmas 

  • The ability to log emails as conversations by simply BCC'ing PRgloo 
  • The ability to create living, auto updating journalist lists 
  • The ability to build lists from conversations, coverage and topics 
  • New coverage charting 

Happy 'Glooing!