Tuesday 17 Sep 2019

If you use PRgloo to Distribute Emails - please read.

From the 1st of November 2019 we will be changing the way we send releases from PRgloo

The email landscape is changing. For the better. Malicious mail, phishing and spamming are being caught out as more and more companies adopt the DMARC framework.

At the moment many of our customers are not taking advantage of adding PRgloo into their DMARC framework and thereby ensuring optimum email deliverability.

We understand. Chatting with your IT team about the technical ins and outs of email systems is not your core function in life :) However, this conversation needs to happen if we are going to continue to provide you with great email deliverability.

What's Happening from the 1st November? 

From the 1st of November 2019 we will therefore be changing the way we send releases from PRgloo. You'll have 2 choices:

Option A - Sender Authentication GOLD STANDARD

Sender or domain authentication refers to the process of showing email providers that we have your permission to send emails on your behalf. Without this, emails are much more likely to be seen as Phishing and will be blocked as spam. To set up sender authentication, please email support@prgloo.com to request your Sender Authentication document and forward this to your IT team. We are also happy to speak to them directly. 

Option B - PRgloo Email Address

In this option, we send from a unique PRgloo address (such as yourorganisation@prgloo.com) but we also include your email address details on the email. Journalists will see “Your Name <yourorganisation@prgloo.com>” on the top of the email. When they click reply, the email will go to your individual email address. Automatic replies will be forwarded to whatever inbox you would like these forwarded to. This requires no input from your IT department BUT it does mean that PRgloo will be seen as the sender email address. If you are unable to take option A, then we will automatically move you to this option. 

1st November Deadline

From the 1st November 2019 we will automatically move all customers to option B unless otherwise directed. This is to ensure that your emails continue to be received by the community of journalists and stakeholders you need to engage with.


You know where we live :) please do email us for a quick chat about the above if you have any questions 

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